Saxon Steels Ltd

also known as Fame Products for all exports

Steel Products

We specialise in the production of precision ground flat stock steel or gauge plate steel along with tool steel. These steel products are supplied in standard dimensions both in metric sizes in lengths of 500mm and 1000mm and also imperial sizes in lengths of 18 inches and 36 inches.

We have a vast finished ground flat stock range both in terms of sizes stocked and quantities held per size. We also keep on site substantial stocks of raw material from mills within the European Community for converting into our own production of ground flat stock for sale at home and overseas.

We currently specialise in one grade of tool steel material known as A.I.S.I. 0-1, BS 4659 BO1 and Werkstoff Nr 1.2510. This is supplied by rolling mills which conform to the highest quality standards.

The nominal chemical composition is as follows:-

Carbon 0.95% Manganese 1.2% Chromium 0.50% Tungsten 0.50% Silicon 0.25% Vanadium 0.20% S & P up to 0.035% maximum

Further details, including some heat treatment guidelines, are available upon request.

Apart from ground flat stock supplied in standard dimensions we may be able to quote you for non-standard sizes or specials subject to their suitability and raw material availability, please contact us for a quote.

Precision ground flat stock, gauge plate and tool steel - Saxon Steels Ltd, Sheffield